I’m a Brisbane-based Software Engineering student & part-time Photographer.

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.

– Bill Gates


Outside of my commitment to software engineering,  photography remains my hobby and part-time endeavour. While these may seem at ends with each other, software development is actually a creative undertaking more than it would seem.

What can I do for you? Here’s a quick list: event/party, corporate and landscape photography, along with headshot photography. These can all be found in my photography portfolio.


As part of the Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering I’m undertaking, we focus on the design and implementation of reliable, high-quality and often large-scale software systems.

I’ve gained invaluable experience not only in programming, but in business analysis, project & quality management, team-work and the application of industry best-standards, which is evidenced in my development portfolio. With experience through the full stack of development, I’m confident (but honest) in applying myself to a range of problems from concept-to-design-to-implementation and am happy to have a chat with you on any of these topics.

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